UVEX 1 G2 Shoes S2 SRC 68498
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Size (L x W x H) 35 cm x 26 cm x 15 cm
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UVEX 1 G2 Shoes S2 SRC 68498

The future is full of energy with the pioneering UVEX 1 G2. UVEX’s innovative new polyurethane sole technology returns the landing energy over the entire sole unit back to the wearer. It redefines shock absorption and stability, with noticeably greater comfort and significantly lower fatigue in the feet for a working day that is brimming with energy from beginning to end.

Specifications : 
- Extremely lightweight safety shoe.
- Made from synthetic materials, so suitable for people allergic to chrome.
- Sole materials are free from silicones, plasticisers and other substances that interfere with wetting agents.
- Sole technology with the highest level of shock-absorbing properties at the forefoot. 
- Excellent rebound over the entire midsole and optimal stability thanks to the foam heel basket.
- Volume resistance under 35 megaohms, the safety shoe meets ESD specifications.
- New 100% metal-free, wider UVEX xenova® protective toe cap for more toe room and optimum fit.
- Compact design, anatomical shape, good lateral stability and no thermal conductivity.
- Ergonomically designed outsole incorporates the latest biomechanical research, consisting of two layers of UVEX i-PUREnrj polyurethane with excellent slip resistance.
- Exceptional wearer comfort thanks to new wider lasts.
- Climate-optimised, breathable materials.
- Virtually seam-free construction from high-tech microvelour material to eliminate pressure points.
- Removable, anti-static, comfortable insole, with a moisture transport system and additional shock absorption around the heel and forefoot.


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