Spring, better known as the rainy season, is quickly approaching us. If you work outdoors than you know what this means – and it’s not very fun. The work day consists of flooded and muddy job sites, wet clothing, wet tools, slowed traffic, lowered visibility and a generally aggravating situation. The days seem longer, the work seems more intensive, and most of all you wish it would just end already.

While you’re probably used to working in conditions like this, there’s no reason to let the elements get the best of you. Thanks to the wide array of high visibility rain gear from various manufacturers, it’s possible endure the wet weather in maximum comfort.

Hi Vis rain gear covers everything from boots to gloves, jackets to hats and even complete rain suits. They’re offered in a variety of colors and styles, many of which are custom tailored to meet the specific needs of certain jobs. From simple, industrial type rain suits to heavy duty waterproof bibs, it’s relatively easy to find something that works perfectly for your work environment.

High visibility rain gear offers numerous benefits over normal safety clothing as it’s designed and manufactured to keep you dry without reducing performance or compromising comfort.

Listed below are just a few of the unique features that makes these products so effective:

• Made with advanced materials that are waterproof and/or contain waterproof coatings
• Taped or sealed seams that create a barrier to prevent any influx of water
• Waterproof zippers, dual zippers or storm flaps
• Pockets and hoods with vented bottoms/drain holes to prevent water retention
• Wrist cuffs and/or leg cuffs to help prevent the entry of water near the hands and feet
• Mesh liners, or zippered mesh vents to allow for air circulation

There are a handful of options to consider when deciding on the right type of high visibility rain gear and it all depends on your work environment. Clothing that features vents is ideal for working in the rain, but might not be ideal for working with chemical sprays or situations where you’re working in standing water. The solution to staying dry and comfortable is there, but it’s up to you to choose the proper product. Depending on your location, you may prefer items made from a lighter material that can be used during rainy days in the summer. Alternatively, you might prefer something made from heavier material that can keep you dry throughout the winter months as well. There are plenty of options available, regardless of what you encounter in the workplace.

Another thing to consider is that safety is equally, or more important, than comfort. For this very reason, many manufacturers also offer ANSI Class rain gear. This allows you to remain dry and comfortable without sacrificing the ANSI compliance that might be required or recommended by an employer or job site. ANSI compliant rain gear utilizes reflective striping and materials to provide maximum visibility to motorists, equipment operators and co-workers. Hi vis rain gear is also available featuring ANSI Class 1, 2, 3, and E compliance.

Let’s face it; your job is important. The ability to stay dry during wet weather is a critical factor that increases productivity, performance, comfort and peace of mind. Instead of waiting until the last minute, take the initiative to be prepared for the rainy season. www.mrsafetystore.com offers a complete line of high visibility rain gear from the top name brands you’ve grown to trust. Shop our online store today and step out into the wet weather with confidence. Your job depends on it!

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